Token Policy

Oz Comic-Con provides the opportunity for you to meet with a celebrity during our event. You can do this by either purchasing Autograph or Photograph Tokens.

  • Autograph Tokens - This allows you to get something signed by a celebrity. We will have a selection of various headshots available for you to choose from in the autographing area that are included with the price of the token. Alternatively, you may bring your own item to be signed; however, it must be approved by the team in the autographing area. As a general rule, body parts and unlicensed merchandise will not be signed. Other conditions may apply.
  • Photograph Tokens - This allows you to have a professional photograph of yourself taken with a celebrity. The photo will be taken by our staff in a professional photobooth and you will be provided a single copy of the photo in the form of a physical print afterwards. You may have up to four people total in the photo, unless otherwise noted. The price of the photograph is per photo and print, not per person. Photos may take up to 60 minutes to print and be available, so please allow time for collection that day. Photos are available with individual guests as well as certain groups of guests.

Oz Comic-Con will not refund or swap tokens after purchase, however you may provide the token to a friend if you are not able to use it. We will swap tokens to other guests in the case of guest cancellations only. Tokens are provided in the form of a scannable, one-use code. This will arrive via email and you must bring a printed copy for it to be used.

Autographs and photographs are redeemed in their own designated areas during the hours of Oz Comic-Con. There will be set times that each token can be redeemed and Tokens must be redeemed on the specified date (e.g. Saturday tokens may only be used on Saturday of the event). For example, Guest A may be available to take photos between 9:00am and 10:00 am, as well as 2:00pm and 3:00pm on Saturday. Similarly they may have multiple times they can provide autographs. You may use your token at any of these sessions as long as it is used on the specified day of the token. Individual sessions may become full so it is advised to line up early at a session and not to wait until the last session of the day to redeem your token.

Please note: Tokens are available to purchase online before a full event schedule is available. Please take this into consideration when purchasing as tokens will not be refunded if you order too many to complete on a single day.

Additionally, certain ticket packages include tokens. If you have a ticket package that includes tokens, please do not purchase these tokens online, as they will be provided to you for pick up at the show.